Engineering and Services

At DDF TECHNOLOGIES, we ensure the highest quality products for the needs of our customers. Ongoing improvements and quality products are our ultimate goals. We apply ourselves daily to exceed the requirements of our internal and external clients; reducing variability, standardizing operations, eliminating process waste and acting preemptively to maintain a safe environment for our people.

Stamping capabilities

  • progressive
  • mechanical
  • hand transfer tools
  • up to 1000 tons
  • wide range of bed sizes
  • varied material thicknesses
  • deep drawing
  • high tensile strength materials
  • in die welding
  • Value added processes

    • mechanical assembly
      • staking nuts
      • studs
      • other fasteners
    • Resistance Welding
    • Robotic Mig/Tig welding

    We also have in house capability for Robotic Spot and MIG welding utilizing modern technologies such as Lincoln Electric Rapid Arc for faster, consistent and higher quality welds.

    Quality Policy

    Continued Improvement and the quality of our products are the ultimate goal in DDF TECHNOLOGIES. We make an effort every day to exceed the requirements of our internal and external clients reducing variability, standardizing the operation, eliminating waste in our process and reducing risks for the safety of our people.